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Is this possible…?

Is this possible…?

I struggle to get comfortable when I play games/tv for long periods of time. Well, I have a dream… a dream where I can just put on th VR headset, slouch into my chair and waste my life away in comfort. No head movement. Just eyeball usage. Steven Hawking would love it.

I want to view the pc/console/tv through the headset, rather than sitting up in a chair and watching it like a normal person.

Ive found apps that allow me to do this somewhat, but the head-tracking thing ruins it because i.e if I put a movie on in the virtual theatre, then lay down… well I cant see the movie any more because I’m also laying down in the virtual world because facing away from the action .__.

Is this kind of thing possible?

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via Samsung Gear VR

October 13, 2017 at 10:58AM


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